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It's Okay To Feel Unproductive


  • not getting too caught in the idea of satisfying work
  • view your work as a process
  • turn success oriented into process oriented
  • success might not be the endpoint
  • learning from failure is still productive work!
  • the feeling of being unproductive
  • just because a some tasks feel productive doesn’t mean that they are productive (e.g. setup babel, setup webpack, optimizing static type for no reason, ramda golf)
  • so how to be productive in this reality where you can’t trust feeling productive, we should focus to the process instead. Instead of framing our self into a person that solving problem we are people who are bang our’s head against problem
  • you might not be success, but you might learning that the problem :
    1. we might learn that the problem can’t be solved, learning is not failure
    2. sometimes problem shouldn’t be solved (maybe we miss understood the problem)
    3. too expensive to solve (use timeboxing)