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Doom Emacs

Think like Emacs a programmable text user interface -- Zaiste


  1. Install emacs-plus
brew tap d12frosted/emacs-plus
brew install emacs-plus
ln -s /usr/local/opt/emacs-plus/ /Applications/
  1. start service emacs-plus dan restart

Before you doom your self

  1. Don't forget to run doom sync then restart Emacs, after modifying ~/.doom.d/init.el or ~/.doom.d/packages.el
  2. If something goes wrong run doom doctor
  3. Use doom upgrade to update Doom
  4. Access Doom's documentation from withtin emacs via SPC h D or C-h D (or M-x doom/help)



  • SPC - space
  • M-x (pronounced meta x) - command + X
  • SPC f . or SPC . - search in directory
  • SPC p p - swith between projects
  • SPC f p - quickly edit doom's config
  • SPC f r - open recent e
  • SPC f R - open recently visited files on context the current project
  • SPC b b or SPC ,- switch between buffers
  • SPC SPC - file search within a project
  • <s followed by TAB - insert code snippets on org mode


After editing ~/.doom.d/packages.el make sure run doom refresh